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In summary:

1. The playing Field is 25 W x 40 L with an additional 10 yards on either side for End Zone for a total of 60 yards.
2. Each Team shall have 4 to 6 players to start a game
3. There is no forfeit for 4 or 5 player game
4. There are two 20 minute Halves
5. Game Starts with a coin toss to determine possession
6. Offensive team takes possession of ball on their own Goal line
7. Offense will have four downs to reach a first down at mid-field and four downs to score from that point
8. If an Offense fails to score after four downs, the other team's Offense takes possession on their own Goal line
9. All possession changes, except interceptions, start on the offense's Goal line
10. Offense can Run or Pass
11. NO RUN ZONE: There is NO Run with-in 5 yards of mid-field or the first down for Middle School Senior Division. There is No Run with-in 5 Yards of the End Zone for Middle School Senior Division.
12. Interceptions are live and may be returned for a score
13. Fumbles are dead ball possessions at the spot of the fumble (Not live with No recovery and a loss of down)
14. Defense can play Man or Zone Coverage
15. Defense Must have one dedicated rusher to apply pressure on the QB after 5 Mississippi. The rusher must not be more than 7 yards from the line of scrimmage otherwise defense will be penalized
16. There is NO Blitzing
17. Touchdown: 6 Points
18. Extra Point: Passing Only (1 point played from the 5 yard line) (2 points played from the 10 yard line)
19. Safety (ONLY if player voluntarily advances into end zone)(Middle School Senior Division Only): 2 points (The Defense takes possession of the Ball on their Goal line and gets 2points)
Dead Ball in Summary:
1. Ball Carrier's Flag is pulled or if a defender grabs the excess middle belt hanging down
2. Ball Carrier steps out of bounds
3. Ball Carrier Jumps/ Leaps in the Air
4. Ball Carrier's Knee touches the ground
5. Touchdown or Safety is scored
6. Ball Carrier's Flag falls out (ball is spotted at point where flag falls off
7. If a Receiver catches a ball and he does not have one or two flags in place; the pass is considered incomplete

Penalties in Summary:



1. Unnecessary Roughness (REFEREE”S DISCRETION): 10 yards from spot of foul & automatic first down
2. Off sides: 10 yards from line of scrimmage.
3. Defensive Pass Interference: 10 yards from line of scrimmage & automatic first down
4. Illegal contact/pushing offensive player out of bounds or in the field of play: (holding, grabbing player’s jersey, blocking, etc.) 10 yards from spot of foul.
5. Illegal FLAG pull (defender grabs flag before receiver has ball): 1. If receiver makes catch - 10 yards from spot of foul. 2. If receiver drops ball – 10 yards from Line of scrimmage.
6. Defender drops back further than 7 yards from line of scrimmage: 10 yards from line of scrimmage.




1. False start: 10 yards from line of scrimmage
2. Unnecessary Roughness (REFEREE”S DISCRETION): 10 yards from spot of foul & loss of down
3. Illegal forward pass: (forward pass thrown beyond line of scrimmage)
10 yards from line of scrimmage & loss of down
4. Offensive pass interference: (illegal pick play, pushing off/away defender)
10 yards from line of scrimmage & loss of down
5. FLAG guarding: 10 yards from spot of foul & loss of down